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Grampos de mangueira W4 SS 12mm

Informação básica

Modelo: 17-500mm

Descrição do produto

Band material Galvanized iron ,stainless steel 201,stainless steel 301,stainlesssteel 304,stainless steel 316
Band Thickness Galvanized iron Stainless steel
 0.7-0.8mm 0.6-0.65mm
Band width 9mm/12mm
Wrench 7mm
Housing Material stainless steel or galvanized iron
Screw style W1 W2 W5/W4
Head crossed(or as you request) Hesd crossed Solt type screw
Connection welding
Model number As your requirement
Structure Swivel clamp
Product feature Volt-endurance;torque balance;large adjustment range
Certificate ISO9001:2008
MOQ 1000
Supply ability 1200000 pieces per month
Payment terms 30%T/T Before production and 100% before shipment
Delivery time 10-35days afer T/T at sight
package Plastic bag,carton
Company website
1.Use the open internal and external circle structure,and with screw fixed.It is effectively to solve the problem that when small diameter solft tube connect the hared tube,it is easy appear dead angle,and liquid or gas leakage problem.Easy structure,Easy maked.
2.Edge is no burrfree,it is ability to prevent the tube damaged
3.By a  efficiently hydrogen relief treatment,long-term use needn't to worry fracture and other problems
4.Accord with DIN3017 Standard.By 48 hours salt and fog test,it has a good corrosion resistance
5.By last 36 hours elastic test,to insure a high strength mechanical properties.
6.Easy to fix.
W1--all of the parts are galvanized steel;
W2--bolt and bushing is galvanized steel, other parts stainless steel;
W4--all of the parts is 200ss and 300ss stainless steel;
W5--all of the parts is 316ss stainless steel.
   Item NO    
Size W1 W2 W4 W5 Bandwidth Screw
W1 W2/W4  
17-19 AJQLA1719 AJQLB1719 AJQLD1719 AJQLE1719 0.6*18 0.6*18 M5*40
20-22 AJQLA2022 AJQLB2022 AJQLD2022 AJQLE2022 M5*40
23-25 AJQLA2325 AJQLB2325 AJQLD2325 AJQLE2325 M5*40
26-28 AJQLA2628 AJQLB2628 AJQLD2628 AJQLE2628 M5*40
29-31 AJQLA2931 AJQLB2931 AJQLD2931 AJQLE2931 0.8*20 0.6*20 M6*50
32-35 AJQLA3235 AJQLB3235 AJQLD3235 AJQLE3235 M6*50
36-39 AJQLA3639 AJQLB3639 AJQLD3639 AJQLE3639 M6*50
40-43 AJQLA4043 AJQLB4043 AJQLD4043 AJQLE4043 M6*50
44-47 AJQLA4447 AJQLB4447 AJQLD4447 AJQLE4447 1.2*22 0.8*22 M6*55
48-51 AJQLA4851 AJQLB4851 AJQLD4851 AJQLE4851 M6*55
52-55 AJQLA5255 AJQLB5255 AJQLD5255 AJQLE5255 M6*55
56-59 AJQLA5659 AJQLB5659 AJQLD5659 AJQLE5659 M6*55
60-63 AJQLA6063 AJQLB6063 AJQLD6063 AJQLE6063 M6*55
64-67 AJQLA6467 AJQLB6467 AJQLD6467 AJQLE6467 M6*55
68-73 AJQLA6873 AJQLB6873 AJQLD6873 AJQLE6873 1.5*24 0.8*24 M8*70
74-79 AJQLA7479 AJQLB7479 AJQLD7479 AJQLE7479 M8*70
80-85 AJQLA8085 AJQLB8085 AJQLD8085 AJQLE8085 M8*70
86-91 AJQLA8691 AJQLB8691 AJQLD8691 AJQLE8691 M8*70
92-97 AJQLA9297 AJQLB9297 AJQLD9297 AJQLE9297 M8*70
98-103 AJQLA98103 AJQLB98103 AJQLD98103 AJQLE98103 M8*70
104-112 AJQLA104112 AJQLB104112 AJQLD104112 AJQLE104112 M8*80
113-121 AJQLA113121 AJQLB113121 AJQLD113121 AJQLE113121 M8*80
122-130 AJQLA122130 AJQLB122130 AJQLD122130 AJQLE122130 M8*80
131-139 AJQLA131139 AJQLB131139 AJQLD131139 AJQLE131139 1.7*26 1.0*26 M10*90
140-148 AJQLA140148 AJQLB140148 AJQLD140148 AJQLE140148 M10*90
149-161 AJQLA149161 AJQLB149161 AJQLD149161 AJQLE149161 M10*110
155-167 AJQLA155167 AJQLB155167 AJQLD155167 AJQLE155167 M10*110
162-174 AJQLA162174 AJQLB162174 AJQLD162174 AJQLE162174 M10*110
175-187 AJQLA175187 AJQLB175187 AJQLD175187 AJQLE175187 M10*110
188-200 AJQLA188200 AJQLB188200 AJQLD188200 AJQLE188200 M10*110
201-213 AJQLA201213 AJQLB201213 AJQLD201213 AJQLE201213 M10*110
214-226 AJQLA214226 AJQLB214226 AJQLD214226 AJQLE214226 M10*110
227-239 AJQLA227239 AJQLB227239 AJQLD227239 AJQLE227239 M10*110
240-252 AJQLA240252 AJQLB240252 AJQLD240252 AJQLE240252 M10*110
253-265 AJQLA253265 AJQLB253265 AJQLD253265 AJQLE253265 M10*110
266-278 AJQLA266278 AJQLB266278 AJQLD266278 AJQLE266278 M10*110
279-291 AJQLA279291 AJQLB279291 AJQLD279291 AJQLE279291 M10*110
292-304 AJQLA292304 AJQLB292304 AJQLD292304 AJQLE292304 M10*110
NOTE: 1,The standard packing material in bags and cartons.
  2,Other sizes are available for us too.
  3,All the information is just for your reference,can't be used as specification.

Grupo de Produto : Braçadeira de mangueira estilo alemão

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